Friday, June 03, 2005

The Day at Gowanus Canal

The day I went to the Gowanus Canal, we took forever to get there. We took the L train and got off at Lorimer St. to transfer to the G train. We barely caught the G train. We had to get the conductor to hold the train for us. Then we took the train to almost the last stop. We got off at the second to last stop. Then we had to walk 3 blocks. On our walk there, almost all the houses we passed had a American flag outside. That neighborhood is so patriotic. When we finally got to the ate canal I didn't want to go to that dirty canal. When we got there it smelled like a dirty gas station's bathroom. It was nasty. Some man was diving in the canal checking to see if the foundation was good so a building could be built there. When we got there, we had to wait for a man named Ludger from The Urban Divers . He took forever. When Ludger finally got there, he started explaining about the canal. he gave us a brief presentation about the canal. He told us about the background, an its location on the map. After he finished giving his presentgation about the canal, we ate our lunch. After, we went rowing on the boat. I didn't want to go on the boat because I knew I was going to get wet. So I hustled Habiba while I had the chance to - I bet her that if I got on the boat, I would get wet. She said I wouldn't. As soon as I got on the boat I got wet because some students splashed water in the boat while they were rowing - he wet me with the paddle. We rowed to both ends of the canal. It is so dirty. We finally got off the boat and I told Habiba that I got wet. so I hustled her for $1 dollar. We did our journal and then answered all the questions in the packet. We put the boats back. We cleaned up then our day was over.