Friday, June 03, 2005

jaren's reflection

The Gowanus Canal is the most polluted body of water in the New York City and practically the whole country. The day I went we met some new people including Ludger and Mitsue. They are Urban Divers. They were talking about how the canal became polluted. When they finished talking we ate lunch for twenty minutes. When we finished, we had to help lift the row boats and put them in the water. After we put them in the water, everyone split up into sections. Each section had their own boat. Then we got in the boats. It was scary getting in the boat, because the boat kept rocking back and forth, but we managed to get in. The water had a foul smell. There were colorful things in the water - maybe it was oil. There were also floatables. Rowing was fun, until I got splashed with water. While we were rowing, we came upon a fish trap - but there were no fish in it.

Compared to the other places we visited in the New York Harbor, the Gowanus canal was the dirtiest place we visited.